Xiaomi Walking pad R1 Pro

1,700.00 AED

  • Feature 1: 180-degree folding.
  • Feature 2: Upright storage, only 15 cm thick.
  • Feature 3: Hidden LED light unit.
  • Feature 4: Lightweight aluminum alloy structure.
  • Feature 5: Fine remote control, comfortable to grasp.
  • Feature 6: Two types of exercise modes.


  • Xiaomi Walking pad R1 Pro
  • r1icon1180 degree fold
  • r1icon2Upright storage
  • r1icon3Smart shape
  • r1icon4Multi-scene sports

As always, in the same line

R1 adopts the goldsmith family’s patented technology of folding platform. After exercise, the running platform can be folded 180 degrees, which greatly reduces the occupied space and floor space.

(Patent No.: ZL201721078839.2 Patent Type: Chinese Utility Model Patent)

r1 two

Intimate design, one-hand storage

R1 is equipped with thoughtful armrests and movable rollers, which make storage more smooth and convenient.

Store upright, save more space

R1 can be placed upright, with a thickness of only 15 cm and an area of ​​less than 0.2 square meters. With the movable roller at the bottom, it can be placed in a small corner of the home, saving space and not getting in the way.

*Please keep away from minors when storing upright

r1 four

Smart design, can’t help but look again

R1 is derived from the design language of the Goldsmith family. On top of this, it fully integrates the motor cabin with the track and field track and obtains a more track-style sports shape.

  • 440 MM
    wide treadmill

  • 1.25 HP
    powerful motor

  • 110 KG
    strong load-bearing

r1 five

Ingenious design, dual use in one machine

R1 has two unique styling designs. The conventional form is a treadmill, which can meet the daily running needs of users. Store the armrests downwards to become a more space-saving walking machine, suitable for use in a variety of scenarios.

A new way of working without being a sedentary

Put the armrest down and you can get the R1 walking mode, put it under the desk, and improve the sedentary status of daily desk work.

r1 seven
r1 eighteight1

Return to running, focus on training

The running mode can be turned on when the armrest is upright, and the speed limit is 10km/h. Only M mode is supported through the remote control.

0.5 – 10.0 km / H

speed range

1200 – 440. mm

range of motion

5 Zhong

motion data

r1 ten

Cozy exercise, shared by the whole family

The walking mode can be turned on when the armrests are lowered, and the upper limit of the speed is 6km/h. Two exercise modes, M and A, can be used to meet the needs of walking and walking for the whole family.

r1 nine

One-piece skeleton, rest assured to walk and run

R1 uses one-piece aluminum alloy material as the skeleton structure, and the overall stability and durability have been significantly improved. The seemingly thin shape is more durable and stronger.

  • 100 kg

    Load bearing

  • 12000 times

    Shock proof

  • 1000 times

    Fold closed

Brushless motor, lock noise and release power

Equipped with a brand-new brushless motor, the ability to suppress noise during exercise is stronger, and the load-bearing capacity of the walking machine is significantly improved. It has passed a long-term running test, and its durability and stability have been improved.

Bright translucent panel, eye-catching but not dazzling

Persevering in the paranoid pursuit of lighting effects, using cross-industry advanced manufacturing technology, the LED lamp set and the panel are integrated. Whether in the early morning, noon or night, the high-contrast visual effect makes the movement data clearer.

Comfortable foot feel, derived from layers of optimization

In order to improve the foot feel during running, we have made the sports platform good enough, wear-resistant and non-slip running belt; EVA soft layer with self-damping effect; smooth layer with low friction coefficient; durable high-density fiberboard, making R1 Have an excellent running experience.

r1 ee

Internet sports APP, just follow along

R1 can be connected to KS Fit’s exclusive APP, which can be controlled by mobile phone, and can guide daily training according to the exclusive exercise plan, and participate in sports competitions regularly.


Three ways, simple control

R1 supports three control methods in walking mode, M fixed speed mode can be controlled by the remote control, A automatic mode (only supporting walking mode) can adjust the speed according to the athlete’s position, and you can also use KS Fit APP performs mode selection and function operation.

  • fif1

    Foot control speed

  • fif2

    remote control

  • fif3

    APP control

Foot feels speed control, speed change freely

The pressure sensor located at the bottom will monitor the athlete’s sports area in real time, and respond quickly according to the athlete’s shifting intentions, and adjust the speed of the treadmill in real time. This function only supports walking mode.


Exquisite remote control, comfortable to hold

The seemingly simple remote control has gone through hundreds of thousands of hand-model optimizations to get the exquisite and simple shape now. It is cleverly combined with the soft lanyard, and it is not easy to leave it for a long time.

Powerful APP, easy to control

The R1 can be operated functionally through KS Fit, including mode switching, starting, acceleration, deceleration, and stop.


Real peace of mind is to be at ease all the time

It is our mission to let users rest assured and the whole family feels at ease. We have verified every detail repeatedly, so that every user can quickly become familiar with it, and use R1 more easily and safely.

Novice speed limit

Automatc standby

Overload protection


Basic parameters

  • Product name: Goldsmith walking machine
  • Product model: R1
  • Expanded size: 1500 × 720 × 900mm
  • Folded size: 980 × 720 × 155mm
  • Appearance color: silver
  • Panel technology: IML
  • Display technology: LED dot matrix + touch
  • Motor type: Brushless motor
    Motor power: 1.25hp
  • Running belt specification: 440mm
  • Platform height: 77mm
  • Speed ​​range: 0.5~10km/h
  • Bearing capacity: 110kg
  • Net weight: 33kg
  • Gross weight: 38kg
  • The product contains: treadmill × 1, power cord × 1
    remote control × 1, battery × 1, lanyard × 1, manual × 1


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Xiaomi Walking pad R1 Pro
Xiaomi Walking pad R1 Pro
1,700.00 AED